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Podcast for artist entrepreneurs, co-hosted by professional musicians ThatViolaKid and Trevor Bumgarner

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About the Podcast

A laid-back, conversational podcast that’s equal parts irreverent, goofy, and informational. People who resonate with this podcast are artists or lovers of art, and we give our audience skills, advice, and stories that prepare them for a modern Arts Career. Because school can’t teach you everything, we fill in the blanks with enthusiastic curiosity and real-life experience.


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Drew Forde

Co-Founder & Host

Trevor Bumgarner

Co-Founder & Host

Daniel Lim



Ep 104: How to Balance Conducting and Crypto ft. Yuga Cohler

From Harvard to Juilliard to Kanye for Orchestra to Coinbase - Yuga just gets it done. Innovating the concert experience and building in the crypto space, he is on a mission to bring people into the future. While we do dig into the weeds of blockchain, we also ideate on how it may directly impact your lives as musician – what does the next 5 years look like?

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Ep 103: The "Steve Jobs" of Classical Music ft. Aubrey Bergauer

Double your audience size? Quadruple your donors? Legendary arts administrator Aubrey Bergauer is changing the narrative about classical music – using new data, tech, marketing techniques, and vision – to get people back in seats! After historic levels of growth as the Executive Director of the California Symphony, she has set out to help other organizations embrace the challenge that is the 21st century.

We talk about learning from other industries, the power of data, e-commerce, how to grow classical music, plus so many other topics – and we wrap up with an ideation game at the end!

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Ep 92: The Jungle King ft. Tom McGovern

Ep. 92 – Few can say they have made it to the American Idol’s final show – even fewer have done so by not making it through the earlier rounds. But only one – Tom McGovern – did it after singing about Katy Perry’s teeth and Luke Bryan’s Metamucil usage. Tom is one of the funniest jingle writers and performers in the biz. He’s crushing it on TikTok with his tiptop skits. We talk about going against the grain, taking risks through song, improve comedy life lessons, and how to stick with what makes you happy throughout the tough times.

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Ep 82: Persistence, Perspective, and Presidents ft. Anthony McGill

Obama’s Inauguration. The Met. Principal Clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic. Father. GQ’s latest sexiest man alive (well not yet, but we are calling it here). What do all of these have in common? These all pale in comparison Anthony McGill’s inner accompaniments. He is a self-proclaimed advocate of ‘self help’ and talks about meditation, his upbringing with incredible artistic parents and superstar siblings (shout outs to Demarre McGill), and how to use your platform for good. This is a must listen for everyone.

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